Moving companies moving part-time to garage service

Move most bothering people is old, discarded furniture, appliances, like the chicken, abandoned shed to remain insipid, specifically to find junk recycling seemed to increase his troubles. Reporters found that the moving company a foothold in the collective unconscious a yard waste recovery industry.
recently, the morning post after a user moved Mr Leung on the Forum of "drying" herself when moving garage experience. He described in the post, before he moved out of the old computer, used some old home appliances such as TV furniture, how to deal with sore heads. Moved into a new home it is inviting troubles and directly discard does not give up, poor due to face away, selling goods you do not know how to contact ... ... Finally been able to discard their old homes and. Move when he called in to a moving company, but found that movers on the vest in addition to writing "move", but also prominently marked "junk recycling" service. After negotiations, he price of 100 Yuan to sell old computers and old TV to a moving company. However, in the process of moving, moving company foreman or other junk, bargain after a second consultation, Mr LEUNG has 260 are collected and sold second-hand, and this move is the price of 300 yuan, finally settled only 40 move fee was actually paid. He thinks the business is really a good deal.
is different from Mr LEUNG, Mr WONG was moving company reclaiming a torrent. Originally he had a moving company on the recovery of bulkhead, he just bought a new bedside tables and bookcases before long, moving, thought placed bedside tables and bedside cabinets for the new home doesn't look good, cheap moving companies in 50 recycling. Can move home before they found it bedside Cabinet and bookcase set looks perfect, so they find moving companies wanted to buy back his furniture. Mr WONG did not expect, up changed hands 10 times worth of furniture, the moving company for 500 Yuan, Huang had to bargain to 400 Yuan to buy back.
informed, friends said, in fact, moving business is moving the company's regular business, but as is pimping, industry is very competitive, so a considerable part of the moving company thrift recycling and selling business has been carried out, to recycle junk into rural areas. But moving companies generally do not charge door garage, only moving when looking for collectible junk, this way of recycling is relatively easy to receive enough junk at a low enough cost.
information in order to verify that friends said, reporters contacted several moving companies, they have said they will not come to reclaiming, and often do not earn much, don't want to trouble. But when asked if the color is when a new garage, they are showing interest, proposes to the scene to look for valuation.
subsequently, the reporters consulted the two garage sales department in Nanning city, they say, is feeling the competitive pressure, some moving companies set up a garage Business Department, received their own thrift myself. And moving companies can move clear in the public acquisitions can often find some good stuff, operating more than specialized garage operators have advantages.

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