Moved urgent need to establish industry standards

People move in the past, mostly relying on units of vehicles then turned to relatives to help out the effort not only put human feelings, knock the furniture a touch embarrassed to say, there are a lot of inconvenience. Later, with the rise of the moving company, as long as a phone call, workers went up, saving time and effort. Especially, with the commercial housing sales in recent years, the moving industry has grown up. But moving companies at the same time bring convenience to the people, also exposed a number of problems. Some citizens, new home moving companies often get fed, was greatly reduced by feeling of joy. Moving companies are also full of bitterness: rising costs, profit, employers and workers escalated ... ... no standard pricing feel free to

industry last month, Zhang is located in wangjing new homes has just finished, was busy recently moved, before trying to get rid of 11 national day travel, but new House last pleasant holidays. For several days, through a variety of channels to find moving companies phone, but she is a bit "confused". "Some 500 all inclusive moving company said; the price is 300 yuan for a given vehicle, cargo is another, and still some moving companies for moving objects by asking very detailed, such as TV sets, washing machines is a drum or a clamshell, even the fridge is a double door, single door range. Each company charges are not the same, I was confused. "Zhang glumly said. According to the reporter, moving industry at present there is no industry standard to regulate the operation of the moving company, also has not established standard charge, so that the moving company is his own book. Move an ordinary piano, the highest fees charged 300 yuan, while others only 100 Yuan; moved to open the refrigerator, up to extra 200 Yuan, plus at least 50 Yuan. There are some additional costs, such as floors, cars cannot be parked downstairs, within 10 metres of a price, 10 meters away and a price. Confusion of these prices, so consumers cannot choose.
in addition to fees chaos, without a contract in the moving industry is also very common. Mr LAU has reflected, some time ago he found a moving company to help him move, had agreed to 5 workers in addition to the driver, 2 hours to fix. But in the day, in addition to the driver but only to 3 workers. 3 workers turned things upside and broken desks corner to knock. "Look at these three workers are too tired to sweat, they lose money, nor do I laren. And I did not sign a written contract with their company before, they have to make concessions and a yabakui. "Liu says. Subsequently, the reporter also called several moving companies phone randomly, there is not a reference to contractual agreements with users before they moved. Moving company employee said: "our moving company for more than 10 years, had never signed a contract with customers, workers loading and unloading things, money is a one-time sale. "Unless the contract is signed with the moving company not only knock the furniture touch people regardless of pay, or take some moving company prices. Zhang Daye recently encountered such a thing when moving house is a happy thing, he found only three companies moved into, "prices are so common. "The uncle said. Initially, he was looking for a moving company was on the phone to say price is 500 Yuan, Keren arrived, they need to move, such as grounds and extra floors must add 200 Yuan, or it doesn't move. Zhihou, big second move, the company found the same situation. "I really feel bad that hundreds of Yuan, they won't let me accept such charges at practices. I've heard that many moving companies small dramatic troupes would, first to live to zhua Zhuang Ding or sublet to other people business, so how can service guarantee? " Zhang Daye said.
according to the reporter, about complaints moving companies is on the rise in recent years, in particular moving company movers furniture damaged, bidding against items lost, moving is a focus of complaints, and most of the consumers because there is no prior contract and claim for lack of enough evidence to lead No.
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