Nanjing Pavilion Xiang, moving two Millennium old wells

Not long ago, 25th place at Pavilion Lane site, Nanjing Municipal Museum archaeological team found the two southern dynasty bricks wells. Recently, more complete preservation of a southern dynasty bricks well reinforcement were suspended from the archaeological exploration of ditches, until after the project ends, will move back to their original protective Vista Millennium show, a site on Changjiang road landscape.
reinforcement: "resin package" prevent deformation of brick
two months ago, when reporters came to the site for the first time, into the trench's two ancient wells has just "budding". Among them, the site south of the ancient well more serious damage, leaving only the semicircle of spring, North of the southern dynasty well preserved around spring strip of brick masonry is still incomplete. After various experts of research argues that the cultural relics departments decided to well-preserved ancient well in-situ conservation of the Southern Dynasties: moved first, move back to their original show after the project ends.
reporter recently when they came to the site again, several workers well is set up for final consolidation before moving as a whole. 2 m depth of the trench, outcropping of wells has been a layer of white material wrapped up inside the well is also a lot of padding stuffed. This reporter has learned, responsible for Yixing, Gu Jing reinforced protection work is an engineering company specializing in the ancient burial site consolidation, approved by the State administration of cultural heritage sites to be protected secondary qualifications.
Director of the company, told reporters that because of its age, well weathered brick is serious, must therefore be to reinforce and protect the brick to ensure well when the relocation is not damaged. The used of reinforcement programme is "outsourcing within fill": ancient well external with epoxy resin material closely package, this material stick received strength better, and hardness and flexible sex is high, both not damage brick body surface, also can is good to fitting brick body, avoid appeared deformation shift; ancient well internal is with silicone real fill, while prevent internal structure loose, on the also has anti-weathered and anti-mold of role.
move: "steel breastplate" carry 5 tons well
it is understood that this ancient well there are six or seven meters deep and overall weight of more than 10 tons, lifting relocation is very difficult. Moving safety considerations of cultural relics, ancient cultural relics departments decided to extract part of the brick at the bottom of the well, then press number restoration site is restored. In this way, to relocate the well depth is reduced to 2 meters, however, the "downsizing" after an ancient well also have 5 tons, is still in the process of Ascension has been sloppy.
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