Four moving relocation only for the CP school

"The school is very beautiful. "Li Naiqi sat in a wheelchair watching the balcony outside.
he, is the new birth of Sun Yat-sen University School of computer science and technology, science scores top of Foshan Sanshui district this year.
who would have thought that, the 1 year old when doctors diagnosed as "gene mutations causing nerve damage, did not survive to adulthood," kids can live up to 20 years is much to everyone's surprise, the quadriplegic boy in Sanshui district a total of 648 points scorers on the gaokao.
of his success, he and mother's bitterness and sweat: mother Zhang Xiaoyan got up at five o'clock in the morning every day, carrying him to school with mobility, stood up for 12 years. This time, the mother will stay with the age of 20 he studied in Sun Yat-sen University for four years.
given the special circumstances of Li Naiqi, was Li Naiqi mother arranged for a teachers ' dormitory elevator, which took them by surprise. The writer 10th, this two-room of more than 50 square hostel is spacious and bright, even equipped with the furniture, kitchen and toilet. Zhang Xiaoyan said, let them live so much of the House is "spoiled".
Li Naiqi childhood health and other child cute, however at the age of 1 a cold completely changed the course of his life, at the age of seven or eight, he was still learning to walk.
at that time, relatives tried to persuade Zhang Xiaoyan couple give up is fine, regeneration, but they did not do so. "Every day I keep for him to eat, and eat the best. Lucky is, he actually survived! " But due to spinal cord damage, fine limbs dysfunction occurs, sitting in a wheelchair.
to school age, Li Naiqi make mothers feel "reading is more important for him than the others", and insisted that he go to school. But a paralysis of lower extremities of children going to school is not an easy task.
due to nerve damage, weakness, Qi is without a touch. Children a light touch, he might slip and hurt bruising is a common thing. Because it's too easy to be injured, many schools refused to accept him. After the series was rejected by the number of schools, Zhang Xiaoyan found him only 7 people of village-run primary schools.
to take care of his son, Zhang Xiaoyan specially for night work: every day here at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, off at 12 o'clock at night, so have time to transfer her son to school during the day, back and forth four times a day. "When he was in junior high, we are on the third floor, I pulled him out of the third floor back downstairs, and then use the car he came to school and carry him into the classroom. "
" in order to take care of is the Chi school, he increases by one, we moved house, moved a total of three times. Our family has lived on the opposite side of the various schools he attended. "Today, but Chi admitted to the large, Zhang Xiaoyan moved his family to the Panyu district of Guangzhou university town. Sacrifice
Zhang Xiaoyan family is typical of men women inside the home, her husband ran a hardware factory, earning her housework, looking after children.
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