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Movers will damage the fireplace people LEE sought compensation from the moving company, moving company said contract declared valuables shall be insured, or "highest pay 500 Yuan". Move with city delivery branch of Beijing Road Transport Association said that at present, moving and transportation industry need binding rules in place.
Li who lives in Haidian District to employ four-pass move for its move. Lee said that at noon yesterday, the moving company in handling a fire, first the heater within the fireplace downstairs, and in transporting marble carving at the perimeter of the fireplace, at his request, workers used a blanket wrap it and moved to the Hall on the first floor, accidentally broke, "couldn't fix. "
Li said, home fireplace purchases cost more than 8,000 yuan, their parents have been using it to keep warm," old fireplace bad, very sad. "Mr LEE believes that, despite the heater in good condition, but there is no marble carved parcel on the outskirts of, is no longer a complete fireplace and sought compensation from the moving company.
moving companies the team captain said, handling the fireplace, workers have orally told Lee bonded fireplace is cracking and handling may damage, "Mr LEE is still required to carry. "
cross easy moving company moving contract shows that insured customers under the voluntary principles for valuables, 6 per thousand of the premium for the declared value of goods, if the customer does not declare or uninsured, damaged accident moving company the maximum compensation for 500 Yuan. Mr LEE that the Department has signed. Captain
Xu also said that when handling the fireplace, a worker's hand was injured, the doctor check for soft tissue injury, "we can afford the medical expenses. "Yesterday, the two sides negotiated, move over, then discuss the question of compensation.
voice contract there are provisions of the King

Industry Association of Beijing Road Transport Association moves and urban distribution branch of Mr Michael Suen, at present, moving and transportation industry need binding rules in place.
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