Find moving companies need long an eye out

Wu recently more irritated, he just bought the new homes at 5/f, and a moving company to negotiate the cost and time to move this day a goat. Bookcases not only damaged in the Middle, and Porter takes too long for the reserve price has been on a good 200 Yuan, on the basis of a layer of 10 Yuan each, adding 5 service fee on each floor. Finally, Wu argued, did not pay an additional fee, but in the end bookcase is damaged and not moving company get to the statement.
Similarly, Liu moved also in trouble. Before the move, Liu to package all items, as markers along with the furniture. After the objects are moving company to move the car, she makes friends with the stock. Friends on the train found a cardboard box had been opened, inside the book were turned over, thankfully not valuables. The movers said, carton quality and handling fall apart, she can't.
it is understood that the Shanghai moving company has hundreds of large and small. Due to the low threshold for moving company was founded, with transport capacity can be incorporated so many moving companies had no fixed place of work. To save money, not even professional moving teams, have business to do, not do other business projects. Some companies don't even have a license, just a car, a telephone business personnel are hired on temporary from the labor market. These informal moving company is difficult to standardize management, service is not guaranteed, provisional charges, shoplifting and other acts have occurred.
due to the moving company accused of unhealthy competition is serious, some moving companies in Shanghai are publicity through various channels. These companies tend to be large and reputable, the procedures are complete. In 58 city network in Shanghai to move information, there will be peace move, Johnson moved dozens of moving companies service information. As network o Commerce moving company, pages also detailed the company, fees, corporate information such as the album. If consumers contact moving matters, staff will carefully ask the floor level requires disassembly, how much furniture, beds, and so, according to the actual situation to offer. On the scheduled date, and will give you the choice. Moreover, normal moving companies and customers will be entered into an agreement to clarify responsibilities of both parties.
in the industry suggest that consumers, handling things and valuables, be sure to enter into detailed written agreements and clear responsibilities on both sides. Before checkout be sure to carefully inventory items, key check there is any loss or damage of valuables, household appliance is running and moving companies to request an invoice or receipt.
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