Looking for moving companies to find Li GUI

Search on the net to "ants", did not expect to "ghost". Yesterday at 8 o'clock in the morning, left, who lives in Li-Xiang Lu, Huangpu district, your moving company is fake, please, not only damaged the furniture, offer higher truth "ants" twice times, be detected and also want to ride off into the alarm in time.
"Li GUI" move damaged furniture
Li-Xiang Lu, Huangpu district, 41st compound, journalists see the left, downstairs and piled furniture, packages, as well as two wooden stools corners were smashed, a sofa is torn. "These are the movers damaged. "Left his wife says, the moving company is she found online for more than 10 days ago, and asked for 1300 Yuan. Yesterday morning, which opened the old container truck to carry things, seven or eight porters dressed in civilian clothes and appeared to be about 50 years old and just took a piece of writing with "ants" copy.
"moves while sitting on the sofa, tilt legs smoke. "Left, said the mother, Bessie two and moved a wooden stool, bumps, not professional, was hit off the paint on the furniture," at the time, I suspect that they are not normal moving company, want to see the documents, they said no. A Porter said that he used to be on the side of camp, decoration, was invited. "

complaint through identity left, said, led him to a man surnamed Lee to the company's complaint, the other party has responded that they can handle, and turn off the phone. So he by 114 queries "ants" phone, but customer service says the company has not got a single from Huangpu, sure to be fake, "those people want to leave, I'll call the police. "It left Mr, police rushed to the lead man was taken in for questioning. Moving company charges
leave/> yesterday at 11 o'clock in the morning, left, to the left of the formal "ants"-Ant handling limited, Guangzhou City moving team arrived on the scene, van yellow spray paint, the "ants" trademark, the body says "the company does not undertake an online business". Porter wearing all uniforms, were young boys.
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